Friday November 15th
Shrinkage: Cold Weather Emergencies

Warm-climate, or cold, any of us could suddenly have a patient with a cold-related emergency. This class will discuss the physiology of heat loss and gain and the pathophysiology of cold-related emergencies such as hypothermia, frostbite and trench foot.

Friday November 15th
The Old and Beautiful

Patients older than 65 make up the majority of EMS calls. How good are you at treating your geriatric patient? This session will discuss common geriatric issues seen by EMS providers and the myths and misconceptions surrounding the care of a geriatric patient.

Timothy S. Redding has been involved in EMS since 1992 and has been a paramedic since 1996.  Tim has been teaching both hospital and pre-hospital personnel since 1996 and is certified as an instructor by the American Heart Association, National Association of EMT’s, and is an Instructor Coordinator for the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Tim is also a Regional Faculty member and a Training Center Faculty for BLS, ACLS and PALS.  Tim was named the NH Bureau of EMS Educator of the Year in 2017. In addition to presenting at EMS Conferences throughout the US, Tim as taught EMS courses internationally including regular teaching engagements in Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana and Australia.

In 2005, Tim founded Emergency Education Consultants (EEC), a medical education and consulting company focusing on pre-hospital medicine and education program implementation.  Tim has two older children and lives in New Hampshire with his wife and their two dogs. Tim’s hobbies include triathlon, mountain biking and martial arts and he is a two-time Ironman.

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