Friday November 15th
Accelerating Performance

What can you do to “up your game” as an emergency service educator and ensure that your student come out both prepared for the test and ready for the street? The key is applying new twists on tried and true education methods. Attendees will learn the origins and current applications of adult education theory as well as how to set and use effective “on the fly objectives” for any class. Most importantly, this program presents instructors with the techniques to apply the right teaching methods at the right time to the right students.

Friday November 15th
Situational Awareness: How to do Your Job Effectively While Things Are Trying to Kill You

Failure to recognize unsafe situations. Failure to prevent unsafe actions. Failure to deliver effective operations. These are the results of poor situational awareness in emergency responders of all levels. This program uses real-life case studies and in-class exercises to train emergency responders in applying the steps of situational awareness and action so they can be aware, alert,aggressive, always!

Rommie L. Duckworth, LP, is a dedicated emergency responder and award-winning educator with more than 25 years working in career and volunteer fire departments, hospital healthcare systems, and public and private emergency medical services. He is currently a career fire captain and paramedic EMS coordinator. The founder and executive director of the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine, Rom is an emergency services advocate, author and frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

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