Saturday November 16th
Empathy in EMS

In this course we will be taking a deep dive into the airway equipment with a special look at the BVM, PEEP valve, and CPAP devices and how to optimize their use to improve oxygenation and ventilation! You will gain a better understanding of BVM volumes and ventilation strategies in relation to specific patient populations. You will learn how to use PEEP to improve oxygenation and understand when and how to use CPAP appropriately.

Kristin Ireland is an EMT and RRT with over 10 years of EMS experience. Kristin is a #FOAMed advocate and member of the @FOAMfrat podcast and blog team.  Kristin has a special interest in noninvasive and invasive ventilation and oxygenation, and bringing her RRT knowledge base to EMS practitioners. 

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