Wednesday November 13th
Managing the Spin

Time and impact of the job can take its toll on any responder at any level. This presentation is designed to work through a process of understanding of the impact in a unique and creative manner that leads to operational readiness. With awareness, we will discussion actions and steps to take for our own wellness and resilience.

Jonathan Bundt has worked in the behavioral science and public safety field for over 33 years specializing in disaster and crisis mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.


In his early career he rose to the rank of chief inspection in the National Israeli Police force where he worked in the field of anti and counter terrorism training and response. His work in the USA began in 1995 working as a mental health professional to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office, Minneapolis Police-SWAT as a trainer and on-scene support advisor where he specializes in training crisis/hostage negotiators and critical incident response.

He has been involved in responding to over 3000 local, regional, and national incidents of crisis, violence and risk mitigation to incident and post incident consultation in addition to facilitating organizational assessment and consultation related to human resource issue and conflict mediation. 

He regularly provides consultation and training services to the Lifelink3, the private sector, hospitals, EMS, police and fire departments, MN state departments of Corrections, Public Health, Human Services, Public Safety, and Emergency Management. He is a member of MN-1 DMAT (federal response team) and a certified emergency manager in the state of MN. 

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