Saturday November 16th
Drone Use in Emergency Services

This class will give you an intro to the use of sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) for Fire and Rescue Services. We will cover the basics of the FAA rules as well as the differences in between commercial (professional) and hobby drone rules. We will review common SOP’s for drone use with Fire and Rescue agencies. We will cover some of the many types of drone options available, their capabilities and their potential uses in a variety of scenes.

James is a licensed Paramedic in Wisconsin, certified Firefighter 1 in Wisconsin and certified Firefighter 2 in Michigan. He is also a US Army and Desert Storm veteran.

James began as a volunteer firefighter in Michigan in 2000 and continued as a volunteer firefighter after moving to Wisconsin. He received his EMT Basic certification in 2006 and a Paramedic degree from NWTC, Green Bay in 2008. He is currently a licensed Paramedic and run as a volunteer Advanced EMT for Algoma Fire and Rescue in the city of Algoma. 

James is a FAA licensed sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) pilot. He has 5 years’ experience flying quadcopters (drones) and 2 years as a PIC (Pilot in Charge) for Algoma Fire and Rescue. He pioneered the drone program for Algoma Fire and Rescue as the first drone pilot for their agency.

James and his wife started their professional nonprofit guardianship agency, Stone Winter Guardians Inc, in March 2006 where he currently works full time as a guardianship representative. Certified through the Wisconsin DHS, they provide guardianship services throughout Wisconsin for incompetent adults.  They now serve as legal guardian of person and estate to more than 40 wards throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

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