Frequently asked questions

Is there a class cap?

Nope. Class is virtual, no cap on class size. Sign up!

How does the Virtual Conference work this year?

The Virtual Conference is being HOSTED on a virtual Conference Platform called "Socio". When attendees register, they will receive instructions on how to access through a desktop version through their registration confirmation email. In addition, attendees can download the Socio event app (if they so choose) and log in using their registration email address. Once logged in, they can search for the “WEMSA 2020 Virtual Conference” to access the conference app. It is recommended that attendees download the Zoom mobile app as well so they can properly access each course. We are using the ​streaming service "Zoom" to stream the courses throughout the Conference Platform. Attendees can ONLY access the courses through the "Socio" platform. Attendees must utilize the same email address as their registration email address, otherwise CE credit will not be provided.

What if I want to take courses that are on a different track?

Attendees will register for the DAY(s) of their choice. Once you log-into the Virtual Conference Platform (Socio), you will be able to select the specific Zoom link of your class choice. You can start your day on one of the Track, then select a different Track that pertains to the course of your choice. Each Course may have a different Zoom link, so please make sure you are in the right class. You will have 15 minutes from the start of the class to make sure you are in the right course. Attendees will not be admitted after 15 minutes from the course start time.

Why do I have to complete a course survey for every course?

A Course Survey is required per WEMSA’s policies and procedures regarding Continuing Education (CE) Credit issuance. WEMSA cannot release your CE certificates without proof you have completed your course surveys for each course. Make a point to complete them either immediately following the course or at the end of each conference day.

How will CEUs be awarded?

CEUs will be awarded approximately 1 month after the conference. They will be released to the attendees via the email they registered with from an email originating from, attendees are required to ‘whitelist’ or add as a contact to ensure proper email arrival. Attendees are responsible for housing their CE certificates in a secure location, where they can be accessed for your specific recertification needs.

Will attendance be recorded?

Yes. Attendance will be recorded electronically through Zoom and through each Course Survey completed. Our Course moderators will also take active attendance in every class.

What if I lose my CEU certificate?

You can request another copy from WEMSA in a timely manner. However, WEMSA will not be responsible for loss of CEU certificates after they have been sent out.

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