Thursday November 14th

EMS providers are used to working with limited diagnostic modalities, but it is time to expand our capabilities. This heavily hands-on workshop will introduce providers to the indications and potential uses for ultrasound, in both medical and trauma patients. Attendees will walk away with an introductory knowledge of the Rapid Ultrasound in Shock and Hypotension (RUSH) exam.


Dr. Jason Bowman started as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2004 and eventually stumbled his way through medical school and is currently in Emergency Medicine Residency. As a paramedic, Bowman spearheaded the Keller Fire/Rescue ultrasound program, which was one of the most aggressive EMS ultrasound programs in the world. He is a bonafide ultrasound nerd and will ultrasound veins for IV’s, heads for strokes, hearts for cardiac arrests and just about anything else that will sit still long enough to let him put gel on it. Besides ultrasound, he enjoys long walks on the beach and bringing things back to life in his mad scientist resuscitation laboratory.


Branden Miesemer started out as a mass communications major in college before inadvertently tripping and falling head first into the swirling vortex of paramedicine. He long ago accepted his fate and now serves full time as a HEMS paramedic in Nebraska, as well as being heavily involved in education. When not working or engaged in various medical nerdy, he enjoys driving too fast and playing his music too loudly.


Jason Boitnott is a former Paramedic and current Nurse. He is a history buff who even though he works in the ICU he still thinks he is on the street. He apparently was separated from his partner one day in the ED, trying to find the EMS room and ended up in Nursing School. Jason currently works in an ICU (yup bringing up stairs care downstairs and then out the back door to the truck) in Colorado. 

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