Saturday November 16th
Coaching Into Leadership

How do you coach your team? Your communication can mean success or challenges with your team. Learn how Clarity, Confidence, and Feedback are the keys to successful communication with your Team. Be a Coach! Are you using Just Culture to support your technique?


Saturday November 16th
Let's Talk. Preparing For The Next One!!!

From the perspective of a small province in Canada the number and severity of incidents that are natural and man-made can be relevant to what and how you prepare for the next big one. Learning from history, understand what incidents you can prepare for and implement your plan successfully. Sharing your story on the challenges of your incident can help your neighbor’s next one!

Dwayne Semple is a veteran  career paramedic and volunteer firefighter from, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has worked as a field Paramedic, Crew Chief, Operation Supervisor, Regional Manager, Manager ,Educator, Quality Control Paramedic, Advanced CBRNE responder, Critical Incident Stress Management Peer Referral agent and leadership educator. His time has been spent learning and studying emergency services trends, realizing improvements in patient outcomes and promoting safety for emergency services personnel.  Dwayne is currently Regional Support Supervisor in the North-Eastern Region of Nova Scotia. His interests currently are focused on paramedic health, safety, primary health care management and promoting Incident Command System and interoperability.

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