Friday November 15th
Developing Resilience

Being a resilient person allows us to adapt better to the stressors and the trauma that we encounter in our field. Using an interactive discussion format, the participants will learn a variety of coping mechanisms that are grounded in positive psychology to better deal with not only critical incidents but also the day to day stress of our job.

Friday November 15th
Coping Skills

Providers are exposed to traumatic incidents regularly and without positive coping skills will suffer the lingering effects of the trauma. Join me for a discussion on different types of coping skills and some take home activities to foster a better career.

Friday November 15th
From Buddy to Boss: Setting Effective Boundaries

When making the transition from buddy to boss, we bring along our past relationships, both good and bad. One of the major difficulties in this transition is trying to find that line of how close is too close? In this program, we will discuss boundaries for leaders, how to set effective boundaries and the equal treatment of all those we supervise.

David Wiklanski is a Firefighter/EMT with an urban fire department in New Jersey, currently assigned to the suppression section with nearly twenty years in Emergency Services. David is a highly known speaker and writer, and lectures internationally on the topic of behavioral health.

Wiklanski has an MA in Behavioral Sciences-Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology from Kean University. He is an adjunct psychology professor at two colleges. He is a Fire Instructor II/EMT Instructor and an NFFF Advocate.

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