Friday November 15th
A Song of Fire and Ice

Management of cold and heat illnesses is a topic rife with myths, dogma, and outright falsehoods. In this session, listeners will learn evidence-based approaches to hypothermia and heat stroke, and why aggressive BLS care is the cornerstone of caring for these patients.

Saturday November 16th
Shock Blocking

Everything you know about shock is (perhaps) wrong. In this session, listeners will learn how to apply simple tools like SpO2, the Shock Index, MAP calculations, and ETCO2 to detect subtle presentations of shock early, and intercede before the patient progresses to decompensation.

Sunday November 17th

Into the Black: Setting the EMS Fire Escape

EMS is in crisis, and the future of our field is in question: volunteerism is dwindling, career turnover is high, and the financial model that underpins ambulance services nationwide is unsustainable. The solutions to this crisis are right in front of us, but many seem unable to recognize them. In this keynote address, David Fifer will challenge us to reframe our understanding of the entire American EMS model so that we can save it, and save ourselves.

David Fifer, MS, NRP, FAWM is a Lecturer in Emergency Medical Care at Eastern Kentucky University, an Operations Officer in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Emergency Management & Medical Operations, and a Paramedic with Kentucky’s Powell County Emergency Medical Services.

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