Saturday November 16th
Hips Don't Lie

Trauma to the hip and pelvis is both common and potentially life threatening, but rarely are these injuries offered adequate time and focus in original licensure training. This class will provide an evidence-based review of pelvic and hip anatomy and physiology; common injury patterns and best practice care. Specific attention will be given to care of the hip fracture/dislocation and stabilization of the unstable pelvis to control internal hemorrhage.

Saturday November 16th
Who Will Be Our Champions? Creating a Culture of Empowerment in EMS

Recruitment and retention failures are an epidemic that plagues EMS at all levels. Volunteer, paid, urban, rural...few agencies have enough qualified personnel to meet optimal staffing demands. While pay plays a large role, the factors that are most controllable by agency leadership are consistently related to the culture that is created within the organization. Concepts such as pride, identity, ownership, and belonging are among the most important anchors for retention and yet these valuable traits are too often minimized and ignored. Retention is a leadership skill that can be crafted and improved. This class will discuss how to do just that.

Saturday November 16th
Leading Teams: The Role of Leadership in Optimizing Crew Performance in Critical Situations

Difficult and dangerous public safety situations require teams to work together and perform at high levels under the worst possible circumstances. Leadership is the glue that bonds a simple collection of individuals into the high functioning machine that exceeds the capabilities of its individual parts. However, far too often we fail to prepare leaders for the role and fail to ready them for the demands of the crisis. This class will describe the key components of team dynamics and the common failures associated with situational stress. We will discuss real world scenarios and translate lessons into strategies to improve team leadership capabilities. All levels are welcome.

Dan Batsie is the Chief of Emergency Medical Services for the Vermont Department of Health.  He has been a paramedic in New York, Maine and now Vermont for more than 28 years.  Prior to working in Vermont, he was a regional education coordinator for the State of Maine and administered the paramedic programs for Eastern Maine and Kennebec Valley Community Colleges.  He has authored two EMS textbooks and numerous journal articles.

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