Chris is an EMS Education Coordinator with the National EMS Academy in Louisiana.  He has been providing pre-hospital emergency care, ranging from primary EMS response to critical care transportation by land and air for over 23 years.  Additionally, Chris has educated future first responders, EMT's, paramedics, nurses and doctors for over 22 years.

Chris holds Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toledo and is currently an annual presenter at local, state, and national EMS and public safety conferences.

He is a self-proclaimed sports, rollercoaster and movie junkie and enjoys traveling as often as possible throughout the United States.

Friday November 15th
Bite Worse Than Bark

Join Chris Ebright for the best talk on Snake Bites! Yep, That's right - Snake bites! Attendees will learn how to identify the 3 common snakes of the Crotaline family, be able to explain the "do-not's" of prehospital care, explain the actions of venom in the body, and identify the right treatment for these bites!

Friday November 15th
Bolt Out of the Blue and Kingdom Come

Join Chris Ebright for this two-part symposium. Bolt Out of the Blue and Blown to Kingdom Come. Chris will explain how lightning is generated and the basic mechanisms of injury resulting from a strike, the physiological effects that a strike has on various body systems, how to conduct initial triage and resuscitation of a patient struck by lightning and discuss the patitnet treatments. In Blown to Kingdom Come, Chris will describe the physics of blast injuries, differentiate between the different blast phases and the discuss the pre-hospital management of blast injuries.

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