Saturday November 16th
Don't Let It Define You

In the world of Fire and EMS we have this job that follows us everywhere. From training 4 times a month for a department to extra trainings on the weekends or full long week classes, there is always something. Then we add up the calls, the calls never stop. How do we make sure those calls and this job does not define us. After our 25 years, what do we want our legacy to be? Family? Friend? Leader? Firefighter? Paramedic? What is your legacy and what do you want it to be? When the calls rack up and the stress builds, where’s our outlet when we our bucket it full? Where’s our separation? How do we empty our


Saturday November 16th
Jaded: Combating Burnout

Burnout happens each and every day, but do we really see it until it’s too late. Do we spend all of our compassion at work and none at home? How do we fix and cure the burn out phase? As leaders, we need to see that change and Show we are open to talk about it. In fire and EMS we work crazy hours and then either go to our full-time jobs or it is our full-time job and we work a part-time fire job or EMS job on top of it, because we love it. Do we become jaded? Do we end up with a short fuse? What about our family? Do they end up seeing the jaded side of us? Are we letting this job define us? We need to understand what burn out is and how we can work with it to ensure we are our

best every day

Chris Ackely grew up in a small town where he joined his first Fire and Rescue Department in 2004. In 2002, he joined the US Army Reserves and was stationed at the 432 CA BN out of Green Bay, WI where he spent the last 13 years as a Civil Affairs Operator and a Civil Affairs Medic. Chris has been deployed twice, once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. During his deployment, he was wounded twice by the enemy and received two purple hearts.

Chris is married to his wife, Lisa Ackley, and they have two amazing little girls, Adeline and Ava.  After his last deployment Chris was able to attend Paramedic School as well as some fire classes, he has an associate’s degree as a Paramedic Tech from Moraine Park Technical College.  He just finished his Junior year at UW Oshkosh in the Fire and Emergency Management degree program.


Chris currently works for the City of Beaver Dam as a Firefighter – Paramedic, he is their peer support team member and is the Lead TEMS Medic/Service Director of the Dodge County TEMS Team. 

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