Saturday November 16th
Fearless Analgesia

We know that applying a "standard RSI" to patients in shock can be dangerous: both compensated and frank shock require special handling. Managing pain, providing anxiolysis, or sedating patients is no exception. Clinicians will learn important insights to help them wield critical meds skillfully in hemodynamic compromise, obesity, and organ failure. This lecture provides clear, evidenced based insights to keep your patients safe AND comfortable.


Saturday November 16th
Localizing Your STEMI

Take your STEMI-finding skills to the next level with this practical, case-based session. Building on your fundamental understanding of 12-lead STEMI diagnosis, we will explore how to determine the site of a coronary occlusion. This evidenced-based approach will increase your accuracy, prevent missing subtle occlusions, and help you be more confident in your ECG interpretation.

Bryan Winchell started as a volunteer EMT, then worked as a ground paramedic for five years before becoming a flight medic, then cardiovascular ICU RN, and finally flight nurse. He flies full time for Flight For Life in Texas, also serving as an educator and clinical coordinator.

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