Friday November 15th
Calling a Code on Our Mental Health

This course will introduce attendees to the topic of first responder mental health. It includes a review of mental health conditions common in first responders; an overview of the statistics regarding first responder mental health; the signs that someone may be having a mental health crisis, and how to talk to someone in crisis and help them get help.


Friday November 15th
Have All My Medics Gone Mad

First responder agencies are more likely to experience an employee suicide than they are a line of duty death. This course provides an overview of the scope of the problem, how to foster a culture that does not contribute to the stigma, how agency leaders can reduce employee stress, and how to prepare your agency in advance for dealing with a mental health emergency.

Ann Marie is the Board President and Executive Director of The Code Green Campaign. She has helped develop mental health education for first responders, assisted in tracking first responder suicides, and consulted with first responder agencies. She holds an Associate’s of Applied Science in Paramedicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

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